Changing the diaper at a time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The kids are all sick today. This is a fairly common problem in our house. Today it is a stomach bug of some sort and I will spare you the details. Speaking of stomachs... I am not and have certainly never been a good cook. Or wait, maybe it is that I just haven't ever even tried. So, my new hobby is trying to figure out how to cook dinner for my family and not kill anyone in the process. With three toddlers running around under my feet it is more of a challenge than you could imagine! The crockpot seems the safest way to experiment right now. So far I have made chili, some sort of sausage and potato mix, chicken and dumplings and a roast. No one has complained about the food yet! Now that I have some of my husband's meat and potato meals figured out, I need to look into some healthier recipes. We have taught the babies to say MMMMMMM!!!! with every bite. And whether they mean it or not, the first three little MMMM's make me very proud. Today is beef stew. Wish us luck!

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  1. That is so funny....Colton is always doing the EXACT same things. He is now MMMMMing with every bite too. First he says it's "hot" then he mmmmmms. I think it is too cute so I can only imagine all three of them doing it together.