Changing the diaper at a time.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Silly Babies

So, my beautiful little babies are not always so angelic! Who would have imagined? I am really struggling with discipline! They think the word "no" is the funniest thing on earth. And the more firm I say it the more firm they repeat it and the louder they laugh. UGH! They are so much faster than I am. And I don't have octopus arms to pluck them all three away from danger at the same time. We bought three little rugs at IKEA that were perfect little "naughty mats". But at 15 months, they only sit on the mat with mommy or daddy and will not stay on it alone. As a triplet that is constantly craving attention, this naughty mat time with us is a treat! LORD HELP US! As my mom always says, "Good thing they are cute!"

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